Anne Frank’s Tree

Anne Frank’s Tree

The Strand Palace Hotel is perfectly located on the edge of Covent Garden. An upbeat feeling in the air dances among visitors as they walk through the cobbled streets towards Covent Garden in London. Upon entering the main square, every visitor is immersed in countless incredible street performers, high-end retailers and numerous terraced restaurants. People flock from all across the capital to experience everything that is Covent Garden.

In the midst of these attractions, nestled on Garrick Street, is a small tree directly in front of The Round House pub. For a majority of these people, the tree can be overlooked, but what it stands for will always resonate in the city and the world.

Anne Frank's Tree

The tree was planted in memory of Anne Frank, a German-born, Jewish, Holocaust victim that used her diary as a means of telling her story. The Diary of Anne Frank and what it represents has served as an inspiration to millions around the world. Her tree on Garrick Street is dedicated by Sir Ben Kingsley and was planted on 22 October 2001 by the actress Hannah Taylor Gordon to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Anne Frank Trust UK.

Among one of the busiest parts of London, and in an area rich in cultural diversity, this small tree inspires us to work together today toward a better world tomorrow. Visiting this tree is an inspiration that the smallest things in life can inspire. Anne Frank admired the beauty of a tree that stood outside her window in Amsterdam in the face of continuous tragedy in the world.

Today, this memorial representation of her tree in Amsterdam grows on Garrick Street in Covent Garden. The tree stands day and night, allowing a moment of hope for everyone who passes by.

Anne Frank’s tree is located on the corner of Garrick Street, London WC2E.

Jeanine Saba from the Covent Gardener on Anne Frank's Tree

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