Best Attractions to Visit from The Strand Palace Hotel

So you’ve made it to London. Or you’re coming to London. Or you’re thinking about coming to London. Or you’re thinking about thinking about coming. In any case, you’ll be looking for things to do in London while you’re here. Central London is bursting with iconic landmarks and tourist attractions just waiting to be explored, and while we can’t list them all here, we can give you enough to get started. After that, throw away the map and go for a wander – that’s how you find the most interesting stuff anyway!

Your first port of call from The Strand Palace Hotel is only five minutes away and arguably one of central London’s most famous tourist attractions; Trafalgar Square. Named for the famous Battle of Trafalgar, at its centre stands Nelson’s Column, which commemorates Admiral Horatio Nelson who stands atop the 52 metre high monument.

Should you want a better view of the Admiral’s face, or any other famous British person’s for that matter, the National Portrait Gallery located just off the square would be well worth a visit. With everyone from William Shakespeare to David Beckham in residence, there’s someone here for everyone.

If you fancy stretching your legs a bit, why not take a stroll down the bank of River Thames towards Westminster Palace, which is home to the British parliament as well as one of London’s most iconic symbols, Big Ben. Just make sure to visit it on the hour for the full effect!

Admittedly not everyone envisages old buildings and pictures of famous people when they think of exciting things to do in London, especially if they’re visiting with children. But don’t worry; central London has plenty of other things to offer its vistors.

Travelling across the river from The Strand Palace Hotel you’ll find the London Eye, offering breath-taking panoramic views over central London and beyond, an absolute must for visitors and locals alike. And after being up in the clouds, why not spend some time under the sea?  London’s Sea Life Aquarium sits right beside the London Eye, and boasting over 500 species of marine life including penguins, sharks and turtles, it’s a great afternoon for parents and children alike. Sea Life and London Eye tickets can also be paired with other attractions such as Madame Tussard’s and The London Dungeon for a great family day out.

Like anywhere else, one of the best things to do in London with the family is visit the zoo. London Zoo is just a short tube journey from The Strand Palace Hotel and promises a great day for kids of all ages, whether they’re 6 or 60!

No Trip to London would be complete without mention of the Royal Family and in particular a visit to Buckingham Palace. Located in central London, roughly 25 minutes walk from the Strand Palace Hotel, visitors can witness the famous changing of the palace guards or simply have lunch in the leafy surroundings of Green Park.

On the other hand if Royal bling is more your thing, you should pay a visit to the Tower of London and gaze upon the Crown Jewels in all their glittering glory; hop on the tube from The Strand Palace Hotel and you’ll be there in ten minutes. The tower itself is only stone’s throw from London’s iconic Tower Bridge, whose twin towersmake the short trip doubly worthwhile.

There are so many things to do in London that we could go on forever, but nothing beats getting out and exploring the city for yourself. If you don’t have the time (or the energy) for this though, a hop on/hop off tour bus is a great way to see the city with minimal effort.

Departing regularly from nearby Trafalgar Square they call at all major landmarks in Central London and its surrounding areas, while giving you the freedom to get on and off as you please.

You might as well see the place in between the shops

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