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It’s been 60 years since the death of Nobel Prize-winning British scientist Alexander Fleming. After serving in the First World War and witnessing many deaths due to sepsis, Fleming began searching for antibacterial agents. While studying the influenza virus in 1928, he stumbled upon the basis of an antibacterial substance, and after further experimentation he discovered penicillin.

From interactive galleries to fascinating educational events, we at Strand Palace Hotel are celebrating Fleming’s great life and contribution to medicine by visiting some of London’s best scientific attractions. So get your thinking caps on because these museums and exhibitions are sure to exercise your brain!

Science Museum

What better place to start than at London’s Science Museum — an easy Tube ride from Strand Palace Hotel. This fun and educational museum is world-renowned for its historic collections, captivating galleries and inspiring exhibitions. Explore the museum’s Making the Modern World gallery, which charts 250 years of science and technology. Included in the exhibition is an Apollo 10 command module, Stephenson’s Rocket, Crick and Watson’s DNA model, and, of course, the penicillin from Fleming’s laboratory. The gallery, with more than 50 interactive exhibits, is a perfect place to take the kids for the afternoon. The museum is open seven days a week and is free, although donations are always welcome. Some charges apply for certain special exhibitions throughout the year.

The Royal Institution

This captivating institution has a long history of Nobel Prize-winning scientists attached to its name and it now houses relics from some of the world’s most famous experiments. With family fun days, science and maths activities, and its inspiring museum, there is plenty to see and do. The Faraday Museum explores the world-changing science of the Royal Institution since 1799, from the first electrical transformer to the thermos flask. If you’re looking for hotels near the Royal Institution, Strand Palace is an easy 20-minute Tube ride away.

Hampstead Observatory

For space lovers, the Hampstead Observatory is a must on your next trip to London. It is one of the very few observatories that offer night sky viewings to the public and — a bonus —admission is free. Take a peek through some of the telescopes and get a close-up look at the moon, planets and sky bric-a-brac. The observatory is open Friday and Saturday evenings and is less than half-an-hour from Strand Palace Hotel on the Tube.

Old Operating Theatre

This unusual museum gives visitors a rare insight into the workings of the oldest operating theatre in Europe. It is the only19th-century operating theatre in England and was found in the roof space in the Herb Garret of St Thomas Church. Inside the museum, you can watch demonstrations of surgical techniques and discover some of the instruments found in the old hospital that have shaped pathology. The museum is open seven days and there is a small entrance fee. It is located across the river from Strand Palace Hotel — about a half-hour walk away or 20 minutes on public transport.

There are plenty of scientific attractions in London for science buffs, budding doctors and curious minds visiting the city. At Strand Palace Hotel, we can help you figure out which museums and attractions would most take your fancy and help you plan your visit. 

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