A Gorilla just checked in at the Strand Palace Hotel

The Strand Palace Gorilla

A gorilla measuring over 1.9 metres high (6ft 2in) and weighting a heavy 41kg checked into The Strand Palace Hotel today.

The amazing purple silverback arrived at the hotel today and has taken up temporary residence in the lobby of this iconic Art Deco property situated directly on the Strand.

The hotel’s exciting new guest has been delicately hand crafted in fabricated steel, part sheet and part pebbled steel and has been lacquered to create an amazing dappling effect.

His arrival in the hotel carries on the tradition of the Royal Menagerie, which was originally located in the Exeter Exchange, popularly known as the Exeter ‘Change’ on the current site of the Strand Palace back in the late eighteenth – early nineteenth century.


Three entire floors were dedicated to many dangerous, wild and exotic animals and it was said that the roaring lions and the screeching monkeys could be heard from the other end of the Strand. Many artists, poets and celebrities went to see the animals and some, including Lord Byron one of England’s most notorious poets, included them in their work. When the Exeter Exchange was demolished in 1829, as part of the general improvements to the Strand, the animals were dispersed to the new London Zoo in Regent’s Park.

The British Ironwork Centre, owner of the UK’s largest collection of decorative metalwork items, has carefully crafted the fantastic installation by hand, using the highest quality materials, and it remains authentic in every detail.

Based in Shropshire, the family owned company are dedicated to, and passionate about the preservation and creation of quality metal work in all its forms. They have spent generations painstakingly creating, collecting, researching and reproducing a stunning and varied collection of decorative items. The Centre is also home to a splendid collection of magnificent animal sculptures, including the amazing purple silverback gorilla that is taking centre stage this summer at the Strand Palace Hotel.

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