How to Make a Flavoured Martini

A fruity take on one of the world’s most loved gin-based cocktails, the Hibiscus and Lychee Martini marries sweetness and dryness in a perfect blend of alcoholic flavours.


  1. 40ml Beefeater Gin
  2. 10ml Fresh Lemon Juice
  3. 1 spoon Hibiscus Sugar
  4. 10ml Lychee Liqueur
  5. 30ml Lychee juice


  1. Add all ingredients to a shaker, fill with ice
  2. Shake for approximately five seconds
  3. Double strain into a martini glass

I’ll have it shaken not stirred. Yes, this is the drink of Ian Fleming’s James Bond, which oozes class, but also has fruit for a sweeter taste.


So why do we shake our martinis? If you’re shaking a martini, then it will break the ice in the shaker slightly into thin, almost invisible pieces that will fit through the strainer. As you relax and sip your Martini, you’ll find the drink remains cool and is slightly diluted. All those times you heard Bond ask for his Martini shaken not stirred? It’s because he was asking for a slightly weakened flavour to such a spirit-heavy drink.

So we know about the sharp gin tastes of martinis, but why are cocktails using relatively unknown fruits too? Most people have rarely eaten a lychee whole; however, these sweet, juicy, beige fruits are packed with subtle flavours that complement gin. Add to that the sweetness of the plant-based Hibiscus Sugar, and we have a perfect blend of flavours. The Hibiscus and Lychee Martini is the drink to start the evening and a prerequisite to a night out in the West End.

If you’re on the hunt for a sweet cocktail to start off the evening, then sample the Hibiscus and Lychee Martini at the Gin Palace bar.

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