How to Make a Tom Collins – with a twist

How to Make a Tom Collins – with a twist

Everyone knows the classic Tom Collins, but have you tried our pink version? It takes the bitterness of gin and adds fresh fruit and prosecco foam to the equation. The result is a great twist on an old classic.


  1. 50ml Old Tom Gin
  2. 3 Fresh Raspberries
  3. 20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
  4. 15ml Juniper Syrup
  5. Prosecco Foam


  1. In a cocktail shaker, add the gin, lemon juice, raspberries and juniper. Top up the shaker with a full glass of cubed ice and shake, shake, shake
  2. Once you’ve tried out your best Tom Cruise moves, strain the mixture into a glass over cubed ice
  3. Top up with the prosecco foam and garnish with raspberry

This cocktail is perfect for those who typically indulge in a gin & tonic, the combination of sweet raspberries and the bitter gin flavours will quickly make this a favourite ‘start to the weekend’ drink.


First written about by the ‘Father of Mixology’ Jerry Thomas, the history of the classic Tom Collins is a fascinating one. The outcome of a game of Chinese whispers, if you went looking for Tom Collins at your local bar, you’d be presented with this drink rather than the man you were after. Not a bad alternative!

When designing our new cocktail menu, we knew that no gin bar is complete without their very own signature Tom Collins. Taking the base of lemon, gin and sugar syrup, we wanted ours to represent the very building we’re based in which means combining the City of London with the excitement of the West End. With gin as its base, a classic drink for the modern city-goer, we added sparkles, to symbolise our position in the heart of the West End; and so the Pink Old Tom was born. A fruity, slightly sparkling version of the timeless Tom Collins.

For the full luxury experience, head to our Gin Palace to sample one for yourself.

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