London Book Fair at the Olympia

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh pages straight off the print, and there will be plenty of that in the air at the Olympia this April. The annual London Book Fair will host publishers and exhibitors from more than 60 countries, representing over 1,000 companies. But it’s not just traditional books visitors will see. Over the years, digitalisation has spread the written word over multiple platforms and devices, and this year’s event reflects that, with content across audio, TV, film and digital channels as well as print.

If you are heading to the British capital for the London Book Fair from April 14th to 16th, Strand Palace is a perfectly-located hotel near the Olympia.

What’s on

There are plenty of exciting features, seminars, events and conferences at this year’s London Book Fair. If you are an aspiring writer, it is a great place to look for a company that may take an interest in converting your book to digital, or a seminar that could help you market your work. There will be over 1,500 stands as well as more than 580 table holders in the International Rights Centre and non-exhibiting publishers zone. The fair’s conferences focus on specific aspects of the industry, with keynotes, debates, presentations and fantastic networking opportunities.

There are also over 250 free seminars taking place as part of the book fair, covering a range of relevant topics, as well as events including industry awards, author interviews, showcases and much more. Call or visit our concierge desk at Strand Palace Hotel, and we can help you organise your visit to the most relevant seminars and events to suit you.

About the Olympia

This newly-renovated building in West London, and near Strand Palace Hotel, is an icon in the city. It is more than 120 years old and has seen countless exhibitions and events over the decades. Millions of pounds have been poured into renovations and upgrades in the last few years, and that has resulted in bigger, brighter halls, conference rooms and gallerias – perfect for the London Book Fair.

How to visit

The Olympia is a half-hour journey on the Tube from Strand Palace Hotel, and our concierge can help you book your ticket and organise your visit to the fair. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars around the Olympia for lunch and snacks. After a long and hopefully beneficial day at the event, our Daawat restaurant at Strand Palace will ensure you enjoy your fill of fine cuisine with a luxury Indian banquet, while our Mask Bar is the perfect place for a relaxing nightcap after an exciting day.

If you’re looking for hotels near the London Book Fair at the Olympia, Strand Palace has everything you need, and is an easy Tube ride away.

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