Ring Ring Click – Photographing London’s Iconic Red Phone Boxes

Tomorrow will be 30 years to the day since British Telecom announced that London’s iconic red phone boxes would be phased out. Fortunately, many of these emblematic phone boxes have managed to survive and we think it’s time we celebrated them.

This blog highlights the best places in London to get the perfect shot of a well-preserved traditional telephone box. Our address in the heart of London means Strand Palace Hotel is one of the best-located hotels for touring around the capital’s telephone boxes and taking photos. Time it right and you might just get a black cab or Routemaster bus in shot too!

The political phone box photo

Around a 15-minute walk from Strand Palace Hotel, you’ll find a classic London phone box in the heart of London’s famous Whitehall. A synonym for government, Whitehall hosts a telephone box that in one easy shot can be captured together with the equally iconic Big Ben clock tower and the Houses of Parliament.

The artistic phone box photo

Even closer to Strand Palace Hotel, little more than a five-minute walk away, is Broad Court in Covent Garden, where you can snap not only one but five red phone boxes lined up together. They’re just across from the pensive ‘Young Dancer’ statue by the Royal Opera House, which offers opportunities for more creative photography when you’ve finished posing on the phone.

The historical phone box photo

There have been at least seven different designs of the British red telephone box since the first one was produced in 1920. The original drawings drew on the classical designs of London architect Sir John Soane, whose house, now a treasure trove museum, can be visited in a walk (less than 15 minutes) from Strand Palace Hotel. You can also see the original wooden prototype telephone box in the entrance arch to the Royal Academy, a 20-minute walk or a short direct bus journey from Strand Palace Hotel.

The multicoloured phone box photo

For a twist on the classic red edition, take a picture of yourself with this version of the phone box, which was introduced in 1929. This design incorporated red only in the bars across the glass, while the rest was painted cream. Take a selfie with this rare and striking model, located at ZSL London Zoo, by the Penguin Beach.

Or perhaps you’d like a really quirky photograph posed with an upcycled phone box, painted green to show how it benefits the environment. Outside the Dominion Theatre by Tottenham Court Road station is the first new Solarbox, created by young British designers. The Solarbox acts as a point for charging up mobile phones and devices for free, using solar energy captured in panels on the roof of the phone box. Get there from Strand Palace Hotel by travelling just two stops on the Northern Line.

If you want to see the capital’s iconic symbols and sights and are looking for hotels near central London, look no further – Strand Palace Hotel is convenient for all of the city’s iconic attractions.

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