Upcoming events: Don’t miss the NFL’s Regent Street party

NFL in Regents Street

Credit: Paul Hudson

NFL London Touchdown

October brings the Rugby World Cup to the UK – and it promises to be a jubilee month for fans of oval balls, because rugby’s transatlantic cousin will also be touching down in London.

The NFL International Series

The NFL International Series, which sees major teams from the US play competitive matches on foreign soil, has been visiting Britain since 2007. If there were any doubts about the wisdom of taking a gamble of the British market, the last eight years will have put them to rest: with the exception of a Chicago Bears vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers match in 2011, NFL matches have consistently packed Wembley with over 80,000 spectators. Even better, with British spectators – the NFL says only 3% of tickets are bought by Americans. Confounding predictions in its home nation, we’ve taken this big, colourful, showboating sport to heart.

Matches take place at Wembley – a fairly easy journey from Strand Palace, as you can see from our Rugby World Cup venue guide – but you don’t have to travel to west London to experience the NFL’s unique atmosphere. As in previous years, it will be taking over Regent Street for a Saturday street party, featuring games, music, cheerleaders and appearances by some of the sport’s star players.

NFL Regent Street Takeover

This year the Regent Street event takes place on October 24, the day before the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Buffalo Bills in the second of the series’ three matches. The whole thing is free, and Regent Street is just a 20-minute walk away from Strand Palace via Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, or a short ride on buses 6, 13, 23 or 139.

Catch highlights from last year’s highlights on nfluk.com, and watch Regent Street’s video of the 2013 event right here…

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