The Best of London’s Christmas Lights

There is no better time to wander the dazzling streets of London than the Christmas period, when the city is bathed in festive fluorescence. Many of London’s extraordinary and world-famous Christmas lights and decorations are within walking distance of Strand Palace Hotel and, best of all, they are completely free to marvel at all evening long. From the glowing orbs of Oxford Street to the peacock-themed lights on Bond Street, head out to discover how winter weather fails to dampen this city’s seasonal twinkle.

Regent Street

With its romantic ambience, glitzy festive display and hordes of excited shoppers, there are few places as extravagant as Regent Street to experience the magic of Christmas. This year, the lights are themed on newly-released movie, Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb, which was filmed in London. As well as its famous Christmas lights, Regent Street is a trendy shopping area, popular with both tourists and locals. And for visitors interested in the architecture of London, this street is culturally significant, with all of its buildings Grade II listed or higher, forming the Regent Street Conservation Area.  If you’re looking for hotels near Regent Street, Strand Palace Hotel is just a short walk – or, if preferred, bus ride – away.

Oxford Street

Another of London’s most impressive displays of Christmas lights is this popular shopping destination. Oxford Street is renowned for its high-street fashion and exclusive designer lines, but each Christmas it also wows visitors with its plethora of lavish festive decorations. This year, the street is decked from end to end with 1,778 glowing white orbs, which appear to be floating overhead. With around 300 major outlets to discover, you can also enjoy some world-class shopping while taking in the Christmas lights.

Bond Street

Just off Oxford Street is the upmarket Bond Street, where visitors can admire the glamorous peacock-themed decorations that adorn the fashionable shop windows. The glittering decorations are inspired by the young men who paraded the street in grand apparel during the late 1700s, and became known as ‘Peacocks’. The glittering display illuminates the already elegant Bond Street, between Oxford Street and Piccadilly, where you will find an array of fashionable retail outlets along with art galleries, restaurants and bars. It is within walking distance of Strand Palace Hotel, as well as Oxford Street and Regent Street.

There is no better place to enjoy the festive sparkle of Christmas than central London, and if you are looking for hotels near Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street, Strand Palace Hotel is the perfect place to base yourself.

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