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How to Make a Tom Collins – with a twist

How to Make a Tom Collins – with a twist Everyone knows the classic Tom Collins, but have you tried our pink version? It takes the bitterness of gin and adds fresh fruit and prosecco foam to the equation. The result is a great twist on an old classic. Ingredients 50ml Old Tom Gin 3 […]

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How to Make a Flavoured Martini

A fruity take on one of the world’s most loved gin-based cocktails, the Hibiscus and Lychee Martini marries sweetness and dryness in a perfect blend of alcoholic flavours. Ingredients 40ml Beefeater Gin 10ml Fresh Lemon Juice 1 spoon Hibiscus Sugar 10ml Lychee Liqueur 30ml Lychee juice Method Add all ingredients to a shaker, fill with […]

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How to Make a Classic Gin Martini

If you’re a traditionalist at heart, then you can’t go wrong with a Classic Gin Martini, the perfect aperitif or great to sip alone when you’re unwinding after a busy day in London. Ingredients 75ml Tanqueray Gin 3 sprays of Belsazar dry vermouth Garnish with Pink Grapefruit Method Add all ingredients to a shaker, fill […]

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How to Make a Gimlet – with a twist

We’re taking it back to the 1930s when the Gimlet was the cocktail of choice among swing dancers, and the Strand Palace Hotel was revelling in an art deco interior. Ingredients 50ml Tanqueray Gin 10ml Lime Cordial 5ml Sugar 2 bar spoons Lemon and Lime Marmalade (We recommend Rose’s) 5 ml Fresh Lime Juice Method […]

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How to Make a Gin and Tonic – with a twist

Sometimes all you’re in the mood for is a Gin and Tonic. Welcoming the Dizzee Monkey – a classic G&T with a twist. Ingredients 20ml Monkey 47 Gin ½ bottle of Pedrino 3 drops of smoked bitters Pink Grapefruit wedge garnish with rest of Pedrino on side Method Fill your wine glass with ice Add […]

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Pancake Day: Where to eat a pancake in London

With Shrove Tuesday here, now is the perfect time to gorge on pancakes. Luckily, London is bursting with tempting pancake restaurants. We’ve rounded-up a few that are within walking distance of the Strand Palace Hotel. My Old Dutch  Based in Holborn, this family-friendly pancake restaurant boasts a bevvy of sweet and savoury options, with classics […]

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Drink Wine Day 2017: Where To Spend It

Today, 18 February 2017, is the celebration of all things vino; it is, of course, Drink Wine Day. Whether you’re a fan of a dry white, a hearty red or a classic rose, wine has a unique combination of flavours we can’t get enough of. So out of respect for one of the world’s most […]

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International Hot and Spicy Food Day

Today, January 16th 2017, the whole world will be celebrating spicy food during International Hot and Spicy Food Day. Whether you’re from the spice capitals of the world or are simply just an adopted fan, it’s a time to consume as much eye-wateringly hot food as possible.   History of International Hot and Spicy Food […]

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Tennis Fever – Wimbledon comes to Wimbledon

Here at Strand Palace HQ we’re definitely gripped by tennis fever thanks to the 2016 Wimbledon Tennis Championships. What do the Strand Palace Hotel and Wimbledon Tennis Championships have in common? The answer is actually rather a lot. The first Wimbledon Tennis Championships took place in the height of Victorian London in 1877 and introduced […]

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London’s best alpine bars and restaurants

London may not have snow-peaked mountains, but it has plenty of cosy après-ski bars and restaurants in which to escape the cold and get piste. We’ve rounded up a few that are within easy reach of the Strand Palace Hotel: Forest Restaurant and Cabin Bar, Selfridges  The rooftop of Selfridges department store on Oxford Street […]

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