Drink Wine Day 2017: Where To Spend It

Today, 18 February 2017, is the celebration of all things vino; it is, of course, Drink Wine Day. Whether you’re a fan of a dry white, a hearty red or a classic rose, wine has a unique combination of flavours we can’t get enough of. So out of respect for one of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverages, today is the day to say cheers with a glass, or two.

History of Drink Wine Day

This is an absolute mystery. So many people adore wine that nobody has pinpointed the inception of Drink Wine Day. What we do know, however, is the history of the drink itself.

Incredibly, there’s evidence that wine dated back to 6,000 BC in what is now Georgia, where the oldest winery on the planet once existed. Since then, wine has developed through the ages from Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, right through to modern Europe and Australia.

However, it was only until 1857 that wine got its delectable taste we know today. French chemist Louis Pasteur discovered that yeast was the key microorganism in the alcoholic fermentation process. This meant wine could be produced more efficiently with its ingredients, with better overall hygiene and less spoilage.

Why do we love the taste?

Of course, like any other food or drink, tasting wine is an entirely subjective process. We formulate our preferences based on many flavour combinations and quality of ingredients. But interestingly, a good tasting wine could as much be to do with the colour or previous experience of it, as the physical effect it has on our taste buds.

A study in America had volunteers sample three wines – a white, a red and the same white with red-coloured dye. The feedback was very similar for the red and red-coloured samples, and remarkably different for the white sample. The study demonstrated that the visual information taken in by the testers outweighed that of taste and smell.

Dry or fruity, red or white; it may not matter. If you associate the taste of wine with a positive experience – socialising with friends, for instance – it will invariably elicit positive taste sensations. An interesting theory, but if you have your own, let us know all about it on our social media channels (linked below).

Is wine good for you?

Drinking red wine in moderation can have positive impacts on your health and well-being. Extensive studies have shown how the drink’s powerful antioxidants can fight inflammation, blood clotting and reduce the risks of cancer and heart disease. It’s a fine line between the perfect amount or too much, but no more than one to two glasses of red wine a day are considered ideal.

Recent studies have also shown that there are distinct regions where the grapes contain higher levels of antioxidants. So, if you’re a fan of zinfandel, merlot, syrah or cabernet sauvignon red grapes then count yourself lucky. When it comes to white wine, the benefits are less significant. However, white wines such as Languedoc are being produced with high levels of antioxidants to mirror that of red wine.

Celebrate at the Strand Palace

With Drink Wine Day finally here, it’s time to find the perfect environment to sample your favourite glass of vino. Here at the Strand Palace Hotel, our in-hotel bars – the Gin Palace and the Lounge Bar – offer an extensive wine list. 

As its name suggests, our relaxed Lounge Bar is the ideal place to unwind after a long day sight-seeing in the city, while the Gin Palace is the perfect pit stop at the start of an evening out. On top of our wide range of bar food and afternoon tea options, both bars offer a comprehensive list of wines and other alcoholic drinks.

Whether you’re into red, white, rose or champagne, we have a handpicked list of wines to suit any preference. On Drink Wine Day, the Lounge Bar could be the perfect prerequisite for an evening in the West End, perhaps followed with dinner in or our very own Daawat Indian Restaurant or Carvery and Grill.

More information

If you’re looking to test a variety of wines during this year’s Drink Wine Day, then call 020 7379 4737 or email restaurants@strandpalacehotel.co.uk for more information and to book.

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