Where to Watch the London Marathon This Weekend

Whether you are cheering on friends and family or just want to spot a few of the ridiculous costumes, the London Marathon is a must-see. Ever since the first race was held in 1981, it has been one of the most popular events in the London calendar and is always great to catch on television – and even better in person.

This Saturday, 35,000 people will be taking part in the 26-mile race, but if you fancy something a little more sedate, you can watch from the sidelines or drink to the runners’ good health in one of the pubs close to the course.

The London Marathon begins in Greenwich Park and ends on the Mall – just a short walk from Strand Palace. But there are lots of great places to watch between these two points. As a hotel near the race route, we’re pretty well acquainted with the ways of the London Marathon, so we’re offering you some advice on how best to spend the day.

Canary Wharf

The business hub of Canary Wharf hosts the runners as they tackle miles 15 through to 19, so by this stage, the sweat will be pouring and the competition will be heating up. After showing your solidarity from the sidelines, stop at Tom’s Kitchen for a hearty brunch to keep you going throughout the day. Runners are told to keep hydrated but it is important for spectators too, so get a drink from its diverse bar menu. If you are staying at Strand Palace Hotel, Canary Wharf is only about half-an-hour away on the Tube.

Tower Bridge

Some of the most sought-after spots for spectators are those here on London’s famous Tower Bridge. The image of runners crossing the iconic bridge is a spectacular sight, and they pass by here twice. But this area is notoriously crowded, so be prepared to jostle with other spectators for a prime viewing position.  Just south of Tower Bridge, you’ll find the Draft House pub close to the route. Pop in for pub grub and a beer after battling the marathon crowds. If you’re travelling here from Strand Palace Hotel, take the Tube from Embankment station to Tower Hill.

Victoria Embankment

If you’re staying at Strand Palace Hotel and want to avoid congested public transport on the day, just make the five-minute walk down to Victoria Embankment, where you can see the penultimate mile of the race. After cheering on the runners for the home stretch, unwind at nearby Gordon’s Wine Bar, which lays claim to being the oldest wine bar in London. Candles are the order of the day in this establishment, making it an intimate setting in contrast to the busy streets on marathon day.

Need a hotel near the London Marathon? Choose Strand Palace Hotel and enjoy easy access to the race route and the best pubs and restaurants along the way.

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