Afternoon Tea at the Strand Palace

The British quintessential event of the afternoon is without doubt, enjoying the sophisticated delights of ‘high tea’.  The historical roots of tea can be traced to the 17th century when Queen Elizabeth I granted permission for the charter of the British East India Company to establish trades routes with the Far East, Southeast Asia and India.  Alongside spices, silk, cotton, saltpetre and indigo, tea travelled thousands of miles across the seas to Britain, establishing itself as the mainstay drink of British choice.

Served within our comfortable Lounge Bar, we’re proud to offer afternoon tea delicacies that will certainly tickle your fancy!  Freshly prepared finger sandwiches, light sponge cakes sandwiched with fresh cream fillings, or warm raisin packed scones topped with fresh strawberry jam and thick clotted cream, you too can enjoy this truly British tradition. Not forgetting of course, freshly made tea.

At just £24.95 per person, enjoy this slice of British life with a mouth-watering slice of delectable cake.  If feeling extravagant, complement this with a glass of chilled Prosecco at just £6.00 per glass, or better still, indulge in a crisp glass of champagne for only £9.00.

Go on, enjoy yourself and play your part in this must-do high society mid-afternoon affair.

Served daily: 12 noon – 5pm

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