Chelsea Flower Show

2022 is a year for returning to normality and Chelsea Flower Show is no exception. With it postponed last year and cancelled the year before, the stage has been set for a dramatic return. Once again, The Strand Palace has proven how valuable a location in the heart of London can be, with Chelsea Flower Show easily reached by either London Underground or a pleasant hour-long walk along the River Thames, from our hotel.


Between 12th April – 2nd May, London will be united through the delicate beauty of nature. Chelsea Flower Show is a celebration of the natural wonders made available throughout the year. During these weeks, numerous small shows will be held culminating in the main event: a huge six-day show organized by experts and specialists, where the Worlds-best flowers will be displayed for our enjoyment.

How Did It All Begin

It was originally named the RHS Great Spring Show after it first opened in 1862. Born in a large tent situated in the now-vanished RHS Garden in Kensington, the Chelsea Flower Show has been moved twice since. It was moved to the Temple Gardens between 1888 to 1911 and finally to the current site at Chelsea Hospital. Today, Chelsea Flower Show has earned its unrivalled status as the best flower show on Earth.

Chelsea Flower Shows Valuable Charity Work

The core values of the Chelsea Flower show are firmly rooted in the belief that flowers are a free gift from nature and should not be exploited for human gain. Therefore, all proceeds from the show are donated to charitable organisations. After the show, all plants and Gardens are either returned to their owner or sold in an auction where all proceeds are also given to a variety of charities. This is all part of the Giving Back Project, established by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This unique and Generous project presents a multitude of charities with the opportunity to benefit from both the funding and the chance to have their vital messages brought to life at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Who Can Compete

The RHS encourages the community to get their hands dirty and get involved in gardening. Not only can anyone enter the competition but there is also an entire week from the 2nd – 8th of May called National Gardening Weeks, where a competition is held, and 4 winners are picked. These four winners have their Gardens selected to put on display and shown to the world.

Getting Into The Show

Due to the highly anticipated nature of this event, tickets are a valuable currency essential for entry into the show. They can be bought on-site or online at the RHS Website. Once you have your ticket and have entered the show you will not be allowed to re-enter so make sure you see it all before leaving the premises.


There will be many opportunities to buy plants, flowers, and general garden equipment during the show, as well as more gardening equipment and plants available year-round at the RHS Website. Remember all proceeds of both the show and website will be contributed to the Giving Back Project.