We welcomed our first guests in 1909, in Edwardian London. Guests found us at 372 Strand, one of London’s oldest and finest streets. It’s a location that links Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden and The City just beyond.

Our history goes hand in hand with London’s. Together, we’ve witnessed three monarchs ascends the throne. We’ve seen governments rise and fall. We’ve lived through two world wars. We thrived in the 60s and survived Punk in the seventies.Our corridors have hosted legends — from luminaries like Charlie Chaplin and Vivien Leigh to the valiant American war veterans. We’ve played host to hippies and yuppies, baby boomers and millennials, Gen Z and now Gen Alpha. Throughout all that history and over all that time our affection for London has not once waned.

We’re proud to be part of London’s story. Our people contribute to and learn from its culture, its commerce and its continued success. They have seen much and can recount more. For at Strand Palace, we revel in rewarding our guests by serving London love.