Strand Palace is delighted to announce our partnership with Bottle Up, an initiative dedicated to reducing single-use plastic waste. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we now provide each guest with a complimentary refillable water bottle to enhance their stay.

Across our nine guest floors, we have strategically installed 17 Culligan water dispensers, making it convenient for guests to refill their bottles throughout their visit. The best part? Guests are encouraged to take their refillable bottles home, promoting sustainable practices beyond their time at the Strand Palace.
Our partnership with Bottle Up goes beyond just reducing plastic waste, however. For every water bottle sold, Bottle Up generously donates 100 litres of safe drinking water through the Made Blue clean water foundation. Thanks to this collaboration, we are proud to share that we have contributed to the donation of an impressive 4,893,700 litres of water, making a meaningful impact on communities in need.

The positive environmental impact doesn't stop there. Our Culligan refill stations are equipped with counters that keep track of the number of bottles refilled. Since their installation in the autumn of 2023, we are thrilled to report that we have prevented a staggering 34,087 single-use plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. This milestone reflects our ongoing dedication to environmental stewardship and reducing our carbon footprint.

At Strand Palace, we believe that every small effort contributes to a more sustainable future. By choosing to stay with us, our guests not only enjoy a comfortable and memorable experience but also become integral participants in our commitment to a cleaner, healthier planet. We invite you to join us in making a positive impact—one refill at a time.