Whether you're exploring the vibrant sights of London or opting for a relaxing day indoors, Strand Palace invites guests to actively participate in our sustainability initiatives throughout their stay. Here are some mindful ways we enhance your experience while making a positive impact on the environment:

Bottle Up

Partnering with Bottle Up, we offer every guest a refillable, single-use plastic-free water bottle during their stay. With 17 Culligan water dispensers spread across our nine guest floors, these bottles can be conveniently refilled throughout the stay and taken home afterwards.

For each water bottle sold, Bottle Up generously donates 100s of litres of safe drinking water through the Clean Water Foundation, Made Blue. Through our collaboration, we've contributed to the donation of 9,888,700 litres of water. The Culligan refill stations track the number of bottles refilled, preventing 91,416 single-use plastic bottles from reaching landfills since their installation in Autumn 2023.


Guests are welcomed to their rooms with a sweet treat from Love Cocoa, founded by James Cadbury of the renowned Cadbury family. Love Cocoa's B Corp certified chocolates, crafted with sustainable cocoa and without palm oil or plastic, offer a guilt-free indulgence.

Every chocolate bar sold by Love Cocoa results in the planting of a tree through The Eden Reforestation Project. Since partnering with Love Cocoa, we've facilitated the planting of 90,176  trees, with 2,207 trees planted through our Afternoon Tea partnership, including 11,904 trees in December 2023 alone.

DripDrop Umbrellas

Embrace London's unpredictable weather with style by renting a fully recycled plastic DripDrop umbrella from our lobby for £2, available for 48 hours. Guests also have the option to purchase these stylish purple and gold umbrellas for £20.

For each umbrella rented, a tree is planted through the Eden Reforestation Project. Since the inception of our partnership in December 2022, guests at Strand Palace have contributed to the planting of 3,486 trees, including 249 trees planted in December 2023.

Go Green

You will find a ‘Go Green’ card on your bed when you first check in to your room. Opt into the program by placing the provided door hanger outside your bedroom door before 2am, forgoing housekeeping for the day. As a token of appreciation, you will receive a £7 voucher to use on any menu item the next day. This initiative is available for stays of 2 or more nights. A maximum of 2 vouchers can be redeemed per room, per day and per visit to Haxells restaurant.

The Go Green program not only rewards guests but also makes a positive impact by reducing electricity, water, and chemical usage during their stay. Since 2019, this effort has contributed to a remarkable 36% reduction in our carbon footprint by 2022.

Choose Strand Palace for a stay that goes beyond comfort; a stay that's eco-conscious and filled with purpose.