Sustainability Policy

  • We fully comply with environmental legislation and approved codes of practice and we’re continually working to minimise our impact on the environment.
  • We continuously seek to improve our environmental performance and to reduce our pollution, emissions and waste.
  • We are actively increasing awareness and educate our team on environmental issues and sustainable working practices.
  • We have a dedicated Green Team in place to ensure a targeted focus on environmental issues and encourage the generation of ideas and implementation of appropriate measures.
  • We work to ensure the efficient use of energy, water and other resources by encouraging our staff and our guests to adopt an eco-friendly attitude.
  • We develop responsible purchasing methods, sourcing locally-produced goods and using suppliers that maintain sustainable ethical practices.
  • We are continuing to align our business to respect the Green Key International Award standards that we were awarded in August 2022 and 2023.
  • We actively support a number of local charities and community sustainability projects.

Our Initiatives to Help the Environment

  • We change guest bed linen every 3rd day, unless specifically requested by the guest to help reduce our energy and water use.
  • Guests earn exclusive rewards if they choose to help us reduce our impact on the environment with our Go Green offer.
  • Every team member is gifted with a reusable metal bottle when joining us to help reduce the amount of single use plastic.

Our Energy Usage

  • We conduct regular boiler efficiency audits.
  • We use water temperature controls throughout the hotel.
  • In periods of low occupancy, appropriate areas of the hotel are isolated so heating can be turned off and lighting reduced to minimal levels.
  • Energy-saving appliances in our kitchens include Mieklo dishwashing machines and Fosters Eco-Fridges.

Our Water Usage

  • We have installed water-saving devices in toilets and reduced-capacity cisterns.
  • Restrictors are in place on our taps and showers.
  • Drinking water filtration units are in use in staff areas.
  • We soften our water to prevent limescale build-up.
  • Sensaflush urinals are in use in public toilets.
  • Guests room towels and bed linen is changed every three days unless by request to help reduce the amount of laundry and water used.

Our Waste

  • We work to annual waste reduction and recycling targets.
  • We have segregated waste streams to ensure glass, cardboard and paper are recycled.
  • Our kitchens use the Frylow system to extend the lifespan of cooking oil, resulting in less oil waste and reduction in energy consumption.
  • We have moved to a new waste management company that is committed to a zero landfill approach.

Transport and Responsible Purchasing

  • We purchase foods through an organisation that sources suppliers locally.
  • We use sustainable fish wherever possible.
  • We operate a staff cycle scheme through the government’s tax-free bikes for work initiative.

How We Aim to Reduce Pollution

  • We choose chemicals from biodegradable and environmentally friendly suppliers.
  • We properly dispose of chemicals, grease and cooking oils, ensuring drainage systems are not contaminated.
  • All boiler flue gas emissions pass through our flue dilution system.
  • Guests have access to information about walking distances, public transport and bikes to hire which our guest services team highly encourage.

Future Initiatives

  • We will collect empty biscuit wrappers from our rooms and then exchange these into charitable donations.
  • Our target is to have no single-use plastic in our restaurants and bars by 2024.